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Topicscape provides other ways of viewing Association types. Hover over an association line and you will see a blue hint expressing the full association phrases, either default phrases e.g. France is a parent of Paris, and Paris is a child of France or if you have edited them, e.g. France has its seat of government in Paris, and Paris is the capital of France. In 3D (but not 2D) you can opt to see all association types at once with Shift+F7, which toggles the association type display on and off. That keystroke also shows the 3D association type panels for Association types that you have edited. See the next page for examples.


You can search on Association types. There is a checkbox on the Advanced Search panel to make the search include them. The example just mentioned would be found if you search for "capital" and checked the association type checkbox.

There is an option "Do not show association types if they are the standard ones" in the Options > Appearance panel. This suppresses "is parent of" and "is child of" in the blue 3D Associations-type panels, so that you see only entries that you have added yourself. This defaults to "on" (i.e. "suppress").

This has no affect on the Association type Details Panels where you edit the Associations types. On that panel, the entries "is parent of" and "is child of" are always shown unless you have overwritten them with your own phrase.

To change the words of an association type, click on the association line and a details panel will appear. Click on the text areas and they will turn white, allowing your to edit.

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