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There is no direct way of printing a Topicscape because, being in 3D, printing Topicscapes as they look on screen would rarely be readable or complete. Keep in mind that in Topicscape you can quickly zoom in on areas to read the text on small topics. Obviously this is not an option with a 2D printed image, though you could capture a Topicscape window with the Print Screen key, and print that.

But there is a need to extract value by having an off-line form of a Topicscape for review. 3D Topicscape Pro has several export functions to help with this, including indented text (for reading), outline-numbered HTML text with hyperlinks for viewing in a browser (all files accessible as hyperlinks) and OPML text, also for viewing in a browser but with collapsible individual branches (again, all files accessible as hyperlinks).

Hyperlinks are used to simulate Topicscape's multiple parent function and loose associations which otherwise can't be expressed in a strict tree or outline hierarchy. These allow the reader to jump around the document.

Below is a reduced images of the OPML output as it appears in a browser. The black triangles allow collapsing or opening up the indented sections.


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