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If you do a data repair or if you use the "Check for stray files" function in the Tools > Data Checks menu, you will often see the above message, there is need to worry, this is normal.

When you delete occurrences or topics containing occurrences, for safety Topicscape does not immediately delete the files. Instead it keeps them in that Topicscape's folder. During that run, Topicscape can then perform an Undo, and even after that run you could navigate to the folder with Windows Explorer and recover the file if you wanted to.

Also, certain applications automatically make backup files. When working on a file opened from inside Topicscape, a backup may be made in the Topicscape's directory, and later appear as a stray file, because Topicscape does not know about the file.

Description+ files for Description+ entries that have been deleted will similarly give a message "contains unused description+ files".

Find "stray files"

Topicscape's Tools menu has a "Check for stray files" option to let you clear them up, and Data Repair will detect them and also give you that option.

Press the "Check all" button, look through the list presented and uncheck any you want to keep and press "Delete checked" to permanently delete the rest.

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