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Esc         Firstly, and really useful to know, Esc cancels most things (like on-screen warning panels, yellow lines connection lines and floating topics, unless they are actively in process.

Viewing-position keys - Shortcut keys to common viewing positions, and how to re-trace your flight path.

2D flight controls - Moving the 2D Map around - like Cooliris, or an alternative.

3D flight controls - Controlling your flight in the 3D landscape - like Google Earth, or using classic Topicscape flight.

Halo menus - 2D and 3D - What the Halo menu (for newcomers to Topicscape) does and how to turn it off and on again.

Topic controls - How to select, manipulate and see the contents of topics. Meanings of the various icons that can appear on topics.

Swinging panels - Describes the panels that can swing out from either side of the Map or 'Scape window.

Toolbar - Describes the bar of buttons at the top of Topicscape's window.

Menus on the main menu bar - Gives an item-by-item description of the main menu.

Function keys - Describes the use of the Function Keys across the top of your keyboard.

Editing keys - Describes how editing keys operate when Topicscape is in text-edit mode.

Shortcuts to make new topics quickly - Describes shortcut keys for making topics from the keyboard.

Other keys as shortcuts - Describes the remaining keyboard shortcuts.

QuickZoom - Shows how to zoom instantly into one part of the 'Scape or Map, and either stay there or zoom right back immediately.

Other zoom options - Shows other controls that allow you to zoom in to the Map or 'Scape.

Draggable true-magnifier -- the Enlarger - Describes the magnifying panel that you can drag around the Topicscape window. This is functional and useful, but was developed before Quickzoom, which largely supersedes it for most users.

Keep Topicscape active but out of view - Describes how to instruct Topicscape to shrink to an icon in one corner of your screen when your cursor moves away from the Topicscape window, and spring to life again when hovered over.

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