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Topicscape comes installed with some outstanding demos - not grainy movies, but robot-controls that actually run Topicscape in front of you.

When you first run Topicscape, it will open at the installed sample Topicscape, called "Topicscape in your life". If you accept the offer to show a demo that appears next, you will see a demonstration of flying in Topicscape and the keys that can be used for this. This will be shown each time you start Topicscape until you click on the "skip flight demo" checkbox on the panel. This panel shows the keys that let you fly around your Topicscapes. Select a speed that you feel comfortable with.

Topicscape is the only information mapping software that offers its users a choice of 2D or 3D operation. It has separate demonstrations for each, and will show the appropriate one for the viewing mode you're in.

The flying demonstrations loops continuously until you press the Stop or Next button. "Stop" will autohide the panel but allow you to view it quickly while you are trying out the controls. To see it again, hover the cursor over the blue strip that remains in view. To view the demo once you have clicked the "Don't show this again" checkbox, you can run it from an item in the Help menu.

After that, you can view a demonstration of the main functions of Topicscape, in 2D or 3D, according to the view you have open.

How Topicscape presents your information in 3D

To learn more about how Topicscape organizes topics in the view, there are three options:

  • Press Ctrl+A when looking at the Map or 'Scape - this shows the structure (relationship names of all topics to the Current Topic); It will time out after 5 seconds and again show your own topic names.
  • Run the demonstration explaining multi-parent topics and how they are handled. You can do this from the Help menu: select 'Demonstrations', followed by 'How multi-parent topics work'.
  • You may also visit the web pages Topicscape 3D mindmap structure explained

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