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When I drag emails from Outlook Web Access to Topicscape, nothing happens ...

"... but I can drag from Outlook itself without a problem."

Topicscape cannot accept items dragged from Outlook Web Access (OWA). We believe this is for reasons of security in Windows and Outlook. You will need to drag the item to the desktop first, then drag it into Topicscape.

Saving MHT files with a single drag in 3D Topicscape doesn't work ...

"... my browser is Opera."

You can generally drag a favicon in a browser's address box to a Topicscape window to make an MHT file. This uses the same logic as doung Save As | save as type Web Archive, single file (*.mht) in Internet Explorer but Topicscape saves four or five keystrokes or mouse clicks. It works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It does not work with Opera.

Solution: None. Our research shows that Opera handles favicon (or equivalent) drag and drop internally, so other programs cannot retrieve the data necessary to complete the task.

I didn't expect dragging an occurrence out of Topicscape to make a copy

Dragging occurrences to Windows Explorer does not move the occurrences file or remove the occurrence.

This was a design decision. One of the important uses of 3D Topicscape is to hold reference information, which is assumed to be valuable to the user. You must therefore make a deliberate act of deletion to remove it from a Topicscape (Cut, Delete or transfer via Topicscape Box).

Solution: After dragging, go back to 3D Topicscape to delete the occurrences that were dragged if that's what you really want.

I can't drag anything into Topicscape


"I can't drag and drop items from Windows into Topicscape. When I try, the cursor turns to a circle with a diagonal line across it [the 'forbidden' cursor], and dropping the file or folder does nothing"

Check if you are running Topicscape as administrator (Windows Vista, 7 or 8).

Right click on the Topicscape icon on your desktop, select Properties and press the Advanced button. Is Run as administrator checked? If so, please uncheck it. Then look at the Compatibility tab: Is Run as administrator checked here as well? If so, please uncheck it also. Surprisingly perhaps, these two checkboxes appear not to be linked, as one can be checked, and the other empty.

Try running Topicscape again.

If it fixes the problem, you should re-install with the latest version, and when running the installer do not select Run as administrator for that either.

If the above does not solve the problem, you could start by taking a look at this.

You can try disabling UAC by one of the methods described here.

If those actions do not help

These drag and drop problems arise because Microsoft has been tightening security, and it affects many software applications. In Windows 10 if you find that dragging a file or folder into Topicscape shows the 'forbidden' cursor (circle with a diagonal line), you can import as follows:

Import a folder or file to make a new Topic:

  • Select the folder or file and press Ctrl+C;
  • in the Topicscape window, right-click on the field and select 'paste' from the context menu;
  • adjust the name as required in the dialog that appears;
  • click the button to indicate whether you want to move, copy or link to the folder or file;
  • drag the small red cone to the cone that is to be its parent and drop it.

Import a file or files into an existing Topic:

  • Select the file or files and press Ctrl+C;
  • in the Topicscape window, right-click on the cone that is to hold this new file and select 'paste' from the context menu; Windows 8 & 10 force a copy to be made. Unlike with earlier versions of Windows you do not have the option of moving or linking.

In the above, instead of pressing Ctrl+C to copy, you can of course right click and select 'copy' from the context menu.

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