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Press Ctrl+E when viewing the Map or 'Scape, and a small Enlarger panel will appear (please see right). It will appear centered on the cursor arrow, so a good way to use it is to move the cursor to the area of interest before you press Ctrl+E. You can drag the enlarger around the window by the small diamond shape in its center (good for aiming accurately at a new part of the scene) or by the title bar.

The Enlarger allows you to examine parts of the Map or 'Scape where the lettering is too small to read. Of course, you can fly there or zoom in, but different people have different preferences. If you double click anywhere in the Enlarger, the magnified view will be fixed and fill the window. The target will then be in the middle of the window. Pressing Ctrl+G or clicking on the Go To button acts the same as double-clicking in Enlarger frame.

An outline frame flashes briefly round the target when the Go To is complete.

To remove the Enlarger without using the Go To option, press Ctrl+E again, or press Esc.

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