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F2 If a topic or occurrence is selected, open its name for editing. If none is selected, and you immediately select a topic or occurrence, the associated details panel will appear with the name in text editing mode.
Shift+F2 when you are editing text, press Shift+F2 and a larger text editing panel will pop up to let you see more of the text at once.
Ctrl+X / Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V Cut / copy / paste for occurrences and text. Topics cannot be cut (a topic can appear in many places so cutting one may have unintended consequences). Topics, when copied are actually placed in the Pending Tray.
Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y Undo / redo.
Ctrl+A "Select all" when editing text. Select all in certain lists like the Topic Center's occurrences list and Pending Tray items.

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