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Exporting a whole Topicscape

Step 1. Open the Topicscape that you want to export.

Step 2. Ensure that you are not in Limited mode (see Glossary) because in that mode, the Export options will be hidden. If you are, click on the "Mode" button near the left end of the toolbar and select User's or Expert mode.

Step 3. In the File menu, select the Export item. A panel will appear that lets you specify the details of the export.

Step 4. Select "Whole Topicscape to folders and files"

Step 5. Decide if you want to use occurrence names as filenames. When you rename an occurrence, its filename will be different. This option allows you to choose which to use for exported files.

Step 6. In the Folder Name text box indicate where Topicscape is to place the new folder. Your Topicscape may have many more levels than is normal in Windows Explorer. When exported to files and folders, and combined with long filenames, you may encounter Windows limitations on path length. See File names and paths when exporting to folders.

Step 7. Press OK.

Exporting part of a Topicscape

The steps are similar to the above, but to export a topic group - a topic and all its children, grandchildren, etc. - right click on the topmost topic of the group, and select one of the Export options (topic and descendents or just this topic).

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