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To flag a topic, select it, and click on the little pennant icon on the left hand end of the Details Panel that appears.

Topic Flagging: You can flag 3D topics with color or a pennant. The "flagged" color will show up in the Navigation panel and the Hit and History Lists. You can choose in the Tools | Options panel whether you want the color to be shown in the background or on the foreground text. The same choice will apply to colored occurrences when they appear in the Lists.

3D: Whole cone               cone tip               cone pennant             2D: glow.

Flagged topics in 2D show up with a glow round their rectangle. Set the color you want for this glow using the 'Skin' button in the right-hand swinging panel (Quick Options).

You can make all the non-flagged topics disappear temporarily from the Map or 'Scape by pressing F6. This can be good for cutting to the chase on important items.

See also Appendix A: Customization - the Options panels, Flags

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