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I thought I should be able to fly with the mouse, but I can't

Mouse operation is switched off when you first install Topicscape, and so is the use of the Alt key in conjunction with flying controls. All flying is done with the keyboard.

This is to present a simpler set of controls at first. Topicscape is full usable with the cursor-keys (arrows) plus Ctrl and Shift. Later, when accustomed to these controls, users often find they want to start using the mouse and Alt key for flying and the extended options that gives.

To start using the Mouse for flying, go to the Tools menu, select Options > Flight Control > Customize > Check the box labeled 'allow mouse flight and Alt key flight options'.

If I fly backwards for a while, I reach a point when flight backwards stops

"And if I zoom backwards instead, I hit a point where I stop, and start climbing."

For technical reasons, the whole of a Topicscape is built in a 'bounding' box. You can't fly outside that and you should never need to for normal use of Topicscape. The same thing stops you flying through the field.

The bounding box will not limit the size of Topicscape you can make - it grows according to need.

Topicscape keeps flying without me touching anything

"It's spinning round slowly. I don't have any keybord problems that I know of and other software behaves normally."

We wonder if you are using software called Texter? This takes control of the keyboard and it is not compatible with Topicscape - cursor keys appear to being pressed, causing the flying, even when not touched.

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