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F1 Start the Help system
F2 Open text for editing if one and only one item having text is selected.
Shift+F2       when you are editing text, press Shift+F2 and a larger text editing panel will pop up to let you see more of the text at once.
F3 Redo the last advanced search, or, if the Advanced Search panel is visible at that time, reload the criteria for the last search. This can be useful if you want to make a small change before trying again.
F4 Choose topic colors for individual topics, topics at a given level in the structure or topic groups.
Shift+F4 Cycle through the three color scheme systems.
F5 Refresh the view. Any semi-transparent topic that may be visible (because of the removal of an association) will disappear.
F6 Hide all topics in the Map or 'Scape that are not flagged (while F6 is depressed)
F7 Show all association lines (while F7 is depressed)
Shift+F7 Toggles showing all association lines on and off. Also shows the 3D association type panels for Association types that you have edited.
F8 Show the selected topics' parent association lines. Nothing shows if no topic is selected.
F9 Suppress / show alternative parents of Current Topic's children and siblings. This works independently of F10, F11 and F12.
F10 Suppress topics representing Current Topic's grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
F11 Suppress topics representing Current Topic's great-grandchildren
F12 Show all topics within the Boundary

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