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To use 3D Topicscape's stunning graphics, you have to have modern graphics hardware and software installed on your PC.

If you experience a problem, we recommend downloading the latest drivers from the supplier of your graphics card. You can use 3D Topicscape itself to test this. That's why we offer a trial version.

Choosing graphics support hardware for Topicscape

A good graphics adapter purchased in the last year or so is a key requirement to run Topicscape, because it works in virtual 3D.

Your graphics adapter must support 3D, have a minimum of 32MB RAM on board and have a driver installed that supports at least OpenGL 1.3.

The importance of up-to-date drivers

If you have a problem running Topicscape, even if it is not obviously graphics-related, it is very like to be cured by installing the latest graphics driver.

To find the graphics adapter's name on your computer, open the Control Panel, click on Adjust screen resolution, then Advanced settings. If you don't see Adjust screen resolution in your Control Panel, click Display instead, then Change display settings, then Advanced Settings. The Adapter tag will show the Adapter Type.

Here are links to the main graphics chip-set makers where you can find up to date drivers:





Certain Intel graphics hardware on Windows XP needed a special driver. Please see here for more information.







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Graphics problems

There is a section giving more detail here: Graphics problems


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