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We answer questions that are emailed to us with questions about Topicscape, but please look first in the following places to see if the question has already been answered.

This wiki

This wiki is the main area for finding answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). It has a search box on the left, here.


When you first install Topicscape, it will offer to show demonstrations, and you can run these at any time from the Help menu. It's a good idea to re-run these from time to time during the early days of using Topicscape.

Starts in Limited mode but you can change that

When Topicscape is first installed, it also runs in Limited mode. This is a way of introducing the main features and hiding the more complex ones at first. When running the trial version you have access to all the features of the licensed version - the only restriction is the 30 day trial period. You can run in User mode to have all customization features changeable, or in Expert mode to switch them all on.

Flying with the mouse is also switched off on first installation. Again, you can switch it on.

Take a look through the Tools | Options window. The tabs there allow you to switch many features on and off, and customize Topicscape to meet your needs.

Help system

Topicscape Pro has an essentials help system built in. For completeness, by allowing rapid on-going updates, the full help is in this wiki. You can read it here.

Topicscape Lite has full help built in but you can also download a PDF here.

Topicscape Student Edition also has a built in help system and a downloadable PDF here.

You can click the following link to open Topicscape 3D mind mapping structure explained an illustrated page explaining Topicscape's structure (what the cones mean, their positions and their relative sizes) in another browser window.

Contacting us

You can reach us through the Contact Us link on every web page, and every page also has a small "Question about this page" form at its foot.

You can also click on Topicscape's Help menu and select the Send Error Report... item if you experience a problem.

There is a forum for 3D Topicscape users. Please click the following link to go to Topicscape's Google Group

Here are the main support links:

3D Topicscape User's Guides Online
Topicscape Installation Guides Online
Contact us
Graphics driver links
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