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The History List shows a journal of the significant things that you do in Topicscape, with the purpose of helping you find something that you remember acting on recently. In this context, "significant" means a change to a topic or occurrence, entering a topic Center, deleting a topic or occurrence or making it current. Some less important items remain in the history list for one run only, others remain there permanently.

Wondering where it is? Are you in Limited Mode? The History list is hidden in that mode to simplify the view.

Topics in this list and the Hit List can be used just like topics in the 'Scape (with one exception) so that you can double click to go to a Topic Center, right double-click to make a topic current, associate another topic with one on the list, and so on. The exception is when a history item relates to the deletion of a topic.

Similarly, occurrences in this list and the Hit List can be used just like occurrences in the Topic Center (again with the exception of deletion, but for occurrences in this case) so that you can double click to open it, drag it to another topic and the like.

The number of entries in History list is limited to 70 unless you have set it to a lower value in the Options panel. When it reaches 105, Topicscape will cut it back to 70 entries. When closing down, Topicscape removes all items recording that something has been deleted (i.e. gray items in the History List) so these will only be visible during the run in which you deleted them.

If you reduce the number of items to be stored in the History List using the customization control on the Options Panel, this limitation does not take effect immediately. On closing Topicscape, the historical records of topics and occurrences deleted in this run will first be removed, and then the oldest records in the list will be trimmed to the new number you provided.

Gray items in Hit and History Lists

Items in the Lists with gray lettering represent deleted topics or occurrences. No actions can be taken on these items unless you undo the deletion first.

Long lists of History items

Mature Topicscapes will have a very long list of actions that you take provided you have set the number of items that may be stored to a high value.

The 2D History List provides conventional scrolling to allow the full list to be examined.

To avoid the need for extensive flying into the scene to view a long list, as with the Hit List, the 3D list has a "page turning" function. Arrows on the left and right of the History List's front panel allow you to page forwards and backwards for older action items.

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