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Why can't we import to create a new Topicscape from the front screen when first opening?

"I have to open an existing Topicscape first."

If you see the 'Recent Topicscapes' dialog when starting Topicscape, then click 'More>>' and you will see some other options, including making a new Topicscape.

If you don't see that, you may have switched off the function that allows it. Go to Tools | Options | User Preferences | Miscellaneous Operations and uncheck "Hide 'Recent Topicscapes' dialog on startup".

The enhanced 'Recent Topicscapes' dialog (with all options visible, without having to click 'More>>') can also be switched on from the Options panel.

Why can't I import OPML?

OPML is a very ... let's say ... 'flexibly-defined' format, and the ability to import from one program's OPML output file would be unlikely to work with files produced by another.

Topicscape has therefore gone with OML imports.

I can't import a FreeMind map to make a new Topicscape

"I bought Topicscape Pro, and want to import my freemind map. The import/export section in the help menu is really not that helpful in giving you directions on how to do this. I downloaded freemind about a month ago, made a map and want to bring see it in 3d. However, when I drag the file, like in the demo, nothing happens except for the file going to Topicscape. It does not build the map for me. Is my only solution to start my map completely over?"

Please check to make sure you are not still in Limited Mode. Topicscape starts in this mode, as the demo explains, to present a simpler interface to new users. The demo also shows how to change the mode.

In Limited Mode, the import function in the File menu only allows importing files and folders, and as you say, that will just bring a FreeMind file in as an occurrence.

You will see the 'Mode' button showing 'Limited' at the left of the toolbar. Click that and choose Expert Mode. Then look at the File | Import and you'll see the full set of options, including Other products and a drop-down that includes FreeMind.

Topicscape can import from FreeMind 0.8.0 and 0.9.0, but note that when you export to FreeMind, you must run FreeMind 0.9.0 or later to see the resulting 2D map. Topicscape needs to use elements that are not present in 0.8.0.

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