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FreeMind is free and open source (2D) mindmapping software. You can download it from: Sourceforge

The following applies to ".mm" files produced with FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta versions but we shall track and adjust for subsequent format changes in FreeMind files.

FreeMind version 0.8.0 stored less information and Topicscape is not compatible with its internal file format. Although 0.9.0 is a Beta version, we have been appreciating its qualities and using it without problems for a couple of years now.

FreeMind files (file-type: ".mm") can be imported to build a new Topicscape or a branch of an existing Topicscape.

A FreeMind file can be brought into Topicscape three ways:

  • You can import it to make a new Topicscape.
  • You can import it to make a Topic group that can be made a child of a topic in the currently-open Topicscape.
  • You can drag the file in, and it will simply become a single file occurrence.

Import a FreeMind file as follows:

Step 1. Open any Topicscape.

Step 2. Ensure that you are not in Limited mode (see Glossary) because in that mode, the Export options will be hidden. If you are, click on the "Mode" button near the left end of the toolbar and select User's or Expert mode.

Step 3. In the File menu, select the Import item. A panel will appear that lets you specify the details of the import.

Step 4. Select "Other products" and from the list beside it FreeMind (.mm)

Step 5. Decide if you wanty to make a new Topicscape from this FreeMind map or just include it as a topic group in the presently-open Topicscape.

Step 6. In the File Name text box indicate where Topicscape is to find the FreeMind file, and name it.

Step 7. Press OK.

Round trip

A round-trip is supported, meaning that a Topicscape can be exported to FreeMind (see below) and later re-imported, without loss of information, provided that the special attributes that Topicscape uses to preserve information that a 2D mind map cannot normally hold, has not be modified.

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