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OML files can be imported to make new Topicscapes. OML is a form of XML designed to provide a data exchange format for outline files, so it's good for To-do lists.

ShadowPlan, that runs on a Palm and has a desktop helper application, can export OML files. The software can now produce a Topicscape from a ShadowPlan outline. This is a function that we expect to extend over time, as we acquire more examples of different OML use.

Do you have an XML, OML or OPML format you'd like to import?

If you use any outlining products that can produce OML or OPML files, please let us have examples for our testing, after ensuring that they do not contain personal or confidential information and contain a representative set of data for the application concerned. We will continue to enhance this function as examples of products that use these formats come to hand.

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