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There are two ways of making a 3D Topicscape from a MindManager file: Directly or via a Word file. If you have a version of MindManager that produces .mmap files (versions 5 onward), you can use the direct import method described below.

If you have an earlier version, please refer to Importing MS Word or mindmaps from older versions of MindManager.

First make sure you're not in Limited Mode

If you have only just started using Topicscape, you may still be in Limited Mode, in which case you must leave that first. Please refer to Limited mode and the Halo menu, then come back to this article.

Importing mindmaps from MindManager 5 (and later)

Import MindManager files into Topicscape as follows: File menu | Import | Other products | MindManager5-8 (in the drop-down list) | choose New Topicscape or floating topic in this Topicscape, then navigate to the .mmap file using the File Name box, press OK, and decide where the Topicscape is to be saved and what it is to be called. Then you will soon be looking at your mindmap in 3D.

2D mindmaps can get very large an unwieldy, and the common solution is to break them up into multiple maps. When you have imported to Topicscape, the 3D environment changes the game. Now, you can handle much larger maps, so you can even re-join those split up mindmaps, this time to form a large 3D one. Being able to fly and zoom around the scene makes the large map usable again.

To do this, import the largest one to make a new Topicscape. Then import all the connected maps, one by one, as floating topics and drop them on the appropriate topic to reconnect them as you wish.

Floating nodes in MindManager maps are imported and attached to Topicscape Islands, with any child nodes of the floating ones attached to them in turn. If you use floating nodes as on-map comments, notes, a color key or legend, these will be treated in the same way, because MindManager does not distinguish them internally.

Floating nodes that are connected to a node in the main map with an association line (dotted) will be connected with a loose association in Topicscape, and not appear in Topicscape Islands.

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