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If you import the sample in General Structured Text Files to build a Topicscape and then re-export it to (Internal) Structured Text, you will see that the file contains a lot more information. Some is guidance for users of the file, some provides more information to Topicscape so that it can, as nearly as possible, rebuild the Topicscape in the same order as it was found when exported.

It also contains information that Topicscape will use on re-importing to avoid the ambiguous "see also" problem that may occur when two topics have the same name.

{-----------WHAT YOU CAN DO TO THIS FILE:   -----------------------------------------
You can safely edit topic names, occurrence names and descriptive text.
You can safely delete topics and occurrences.
You can safely add occurrences.
Please do not change numbers like this: (`15`)  It will cause an error on re-import to Topicscape.
Please ADD topics in Topicscape itself, not in this file, or it will cause an error on re-import.
Please do not change the structural information at the end of the file.
1	Reference material	(`2`)
=>Topic Description:
1.1	Family	(`16`)
=>Topic Description:Here we keep images of family documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate and passport records.
1.1.1	Birth certificates	(`17`)
=>Topic Description:	Dave's b.c.	(`18`)
=>Topic Description:This is a better image but black and white.
=>See document:Dave's bc (Fileless)   =>Description:    =>Source:    =>Author:    =>Authority: 
=>See document:Dave's bc b&w (Fileless)   =>Description:    =>Source:    =>Author:    =>Authority:	Ellen's b.c.	(`19`)
=>Topic Description:
=>See document:Ellen's bc (Fileless)   =>Description:    =>Source:    =>Author:    =>Authority: 
1.2	Hobbies	(`10`)
=>Topic Description:
=>See also:Job	(`3`)
1.2.1	This is a much longer topic name than you would...	(`11`)
=>Topic Description:This is a much longer topic name than you would ever be likely to use, but is inserted as an illustration.  Topic names longer than 47 characters will be truncated, but the full name will be placed in the description.
1.3	Job	(`3`)
=>Topic Description:
=>See also:Hobbies	(`10`)
1.3.1	Appraisals	(`5`)
=>Topic Description:	McGuire Inc.	(`6`)
=>Topic Description:	Year 2004	(`7`)
=>Topic Description:	Year 2005	(`8`)
=>Topic Description:	Year 2006	(`9`)
=>Topic Description:The 2006 entry contains only my preps for 360 deg. review
=>See also:Reference letters	(`4`)
1.3.2	Reference letters	(`4`)
=>Topic Description:
=>See also:Year 2006	(`9`)
1.4	Sport	(`12`)
=>Topic Description:
1.4.1	Extreme sport	(`13`)
=>Topic Description:
1.4.2	Off-roading	(`15`)
=>Topic Description:
1.4.3	Skiing and Snow-boarding	(`14`)
=>Topic Description:
There is no orphan topic.
{The following is structural information that allows Topicscape to rebuild the above in the same order as the original. Please do not edit}

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