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To reduce distraction, you can have the Topicscape window auto-hide while you work on other tasks.

This is customizable option. It defaults to OFF so this won't happen unless you select it. Make sure you are in User's Mode, then in the tools menu, select Options | User Preferences | Minimize Topicscape's window when it loses the focus.


Then, when you click on another window, Topicscape will minimize to an icon in one corner. Which corner it goes to is up to you. It is initially set to go to the bottom right corner, but a small drop-down box near the "Minimize Topicscape's window" radio button allows you to choose.

There are two ways to bring Topicscape back: Either click once on the icon, or if you want to drag something into Topicscape, drag the file (or folder or favicon) over the corner icon but don't drop it. The Topicscape window will be restored, and then you can drop it in the appropriate place.

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