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  • Local search
    What it does for you: Helps you find something when you know you're close. Searches just the items in the present Map or 'Scape;
    Searches for:
    A phrase or string that you provide (no keywords, no wildcards);
    Where it looks:
    In the names of all topics and occurrences appearing anywhere in the Map or 'Scape (and in the names of files linked to these occurrences).
    How to start it:
    While viewing the Map or 'Scape window, click the Local Search button (see below) in the toolbar or press Ctrl+S.

A Local or 'Scape search is a search limited to the names of topics in the current Map or 'Scape, and the names of occurrences or topics at present in the Hit List or History List. You would use it when you know you're near the thing you're looking for but can't see it yet. If you know you're already in the right area, a Local search is often the quickest way to find it. Click on the Local search button....


....in the toolbar, and the Local search text box will drop down:-


You can also press Ctrl+S to see this. Type a phrase or part of it there. This will look for an exact match for the phrase you typed -- not a keyword match. It will look in the names of topics an occurrences in the Map or 'Scape itself, the Hit List and the History List, including the hidden pages of the Hit and History Lists.

The results of a Local search are shown as yellow 'firework' indicators that rise above the items that match the search phrase. The results also appear in the Hit List.

When a Local search produces no hits in the Map or 'Scape but does find matches in the hit or history list, the found items will appear in the hit list and the camera goes to the End position.

When a Local search produces no hits at all, it will offer to do an Advanced Search.

Search on search-findings

The search results appear in the Hit List and are therefore in the Map or 'Scape. Doing another Local search will therefore show the refined results of a search.

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