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I want to make some of my topics stand out from others in the 'Scape

"Is there a way to make some topics that I often refer to stand out in the landscape of topics?"

There are several ways:

  1. Flag these topics
  2. Make these topics "Favorites"
  3. Make these topics children of a topic called, for example, "Urgent"
  4. Tag these topics as "useful" (or something similar)

Flagging is best for a visual hit that you see immediately. To flag a topic, select it, and on the Details Panel, click the small gray penant on the left hand side. It will turn red, and your topic will be flagged. Depending on the skin you are using and any other customization you have made yourself, this may cause the cone or pyramid to change color, its tip to change color, or a small penant to appear on the top.

Of course, a Topicscape can be very large and if you think that the topic may not be visible you may prefer to choose one of the other options: Favorites, tagging or making the topic into a child of a topic named specially for this kind of case.

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