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When you click on a topic (say Shipping Process) and drag the green dot to another topic (say Logistics), the pop-up menu show (amongst others) the option Shipping Process to be merged into Logistics. If you choose this option, the following will happen:

  • all occurrences of Shipping Process will be moved to Logistics,
  • all topics associated with Shipping Process will be associated with Logistics instead
  • Shipping Process will be deleted.

Merge a topic and a folder with the same name

If you drag a folder to a topic of exactly the same name, Topicscape will ask if you want to merge the contents of the folder into the target topic, or make it a child as usual. If there are sub-folders inside the dropped folder, these will make new children of the target topic. If they have the same name as existing sub topics, you will need to merge them, dragging the green dot from the source to the target topic and choose the mege item in the pop-up menu.

Here's an example and the result:


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