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Mindmapping to manage information

A personal journey in information management. How 3D Topicscape emerged from many years of seeking better ways to manage a hoard of information, reference and knowledge. Management of information today is no walk in the park!

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Mindmapping for project planning

You can't start a project without thinking, "What do I do first?" So you're planning already ... but don't relax yet.

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Mindmapping for research projects

One objective, many findings - a mindmapping guide to focused web research.

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One man's view of mindmapping styles

Mind mapping has gone through stages, forked left and right and is still changing. Some people refer to mind maps when they mean concept maps, bubble diagrams and other graphical ways of expressing ideas and information.

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Which is the best mindmapping software?

I often hear or read the question "Which is the best mindmapping software?"

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Q and A on information mapping - more about this great way of getting organized.

Mindmaps Directory - thumbnails and links to pages of mind maps, categorized by type and subject.

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