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Why can't I fly with the mouse in Topicscape?

You can, but the option is turned off when Topicscape is first installed to allow new users to become familiar with the keyboard controls first, and not introduce too many options at once.

If you re-install and ask Topicscape to re-set all options on the first run, it will also switch mouse flying off.

To turn mouse flying on, click the Tools menu, Options | Flight Controls tab | Customize tab | check "Allow mouse flight and Alt-key operations"

If this control is grayed out, please go to the User Preferences tab and select User's Mode. Then try again.

Why does the cursor arrow disappear when it's inside the Topicscape window

You have probably switched on the mousetrails feature of Windows, which is not properly handled by OpenGL graphics rendering. Please turn this off as follows: Start | Control Panel | Mouse | Motion tab or Pointer Options | Cursor Trails or Pointer Trails or Mouse Trails: uncheck to disable.

Mouse and arrow-key flight controls


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