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On the first run of Topicscape, you are asked where to put a folder called "My Topicscapes" that will, by default, be the base for all of your Topicscapes' folders and files. You can also opt for a name other than "My Topicscapes" if you wish.

To move or rename that folder you can use an item in the Tools menu:

Transfer Topicscape's base folder ('My Topicscapes') The first time you use it, a message will appear, to tell you that a small download is about to begin. Once that is complete, the Transfer Wizard will start and tell you that Topicscape has to close. Then you can chose the new destination folder, and change the name "My Topicscapes" if you wish. Once the validity of the location and space available have been checked, all the folders and files in your existing My Topicscapes folder will be copied, a checksum verification will be made to ensure that the source and destination folders have identical contents, and you'll be asked whether to keep the original files or delete them.

From then on, new Topicscapes will be placed in that location.

Error message

If you get an error message, check if there is enough space at the destination. The message will indicate that as a result of the error, nothing has been changed.

You will need to make space on the destination drive if this is the case.

If you are moving from one location on the drive to another on the same drive you might expect that this should not need more space. But because of the safety-first approach that Topicscape takes, you will actually need at least as much free space as My Topicscapes already occupies. This is because Topicscape copies all the files, checks the new against the old, and finally deletes them, after you confirm that this is what you want done.

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