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Once you have made a Topicscape, you can move it around freely on the same computer if you wish, but note these points:

  • You must move its whole directory.
  • You must not change the directory's name.
  • You will have to navigate to it in its new location and find its .3DT file to open it.
  • If it was originally in either the 'All Users' or "Public" folders and you move it away, user access controls may prevent another user seeing.

All files that were moved or copied to the Topicscape will still be accessible (technically: relative addressing is used).

However, do not change the folder (directory) name. If you do, all the occurrence files in that directory will be invisible to Topicscape, and their occurrences will appear in black in the Topic Center. If this happens to you, you can just restore the original folder name and all the occurrences will be seen by Topicscape again. To see the original folder name, you can highlight any 'black' occurrence in the Topic Center and examine the foot of the Details Panel.

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