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* (asterisk) Bring up the Advanced Search panel. Press Enter to list all topics and or occurrences according to the checkboxes selected.
/, or space (slash, or space) Bring up the Advanced Search panel.
Any other printable character Bring up Advanced Search panel with the typed character(s) in the text box.
Ctrl+- Insert a soft hyphen (editing topic names in Details Panel only).
  • When viewing the Map or 'Scape: show the structure of your present Topicscape by briefly replacing the topic names by showing the relationship of each topic to the Current Topic. This times out after 5 seconds, or you can just press Ctrl+A again to show your names immediately.
  • When editing text: "Select all text".
  • In certain lists like the Topic Center's occurrences list and Pending Tray items: "Select all list items".
Ctrl+B Show all hits appearing in the Hit List -- Topics & Occurrences -- show them in alphabetical order of topic with occurrence hits alphabetically with their respective topics.
Ctrl+D Minimize or restore the details panel (toggle).
Ctrl+E Show or hide the Enlarger
Ctrl+H Toggle between the 2D and 3D Hit/History lists if in the 'Scape, do nothing if in Map or Topic Center
Ctrl+L Flash Tunnel Lights for a few seconds
Alt+M If a topic is selected, allow it to be moved (it will disappear from the spot it occupied when you selected it, but all other associations will be preserved). A red floating topic will appear. You can drop this on any other topic and it will become that topic's child). If you need it to be a parent or loose associate, just make a child first and drag a green dot from it to its parent. A menu will pop-up from which you can select the desired association.
Ctrl+M Pop up the 'Hit list shows' menu in the Map or 'Scape window.
Ctrl+N If a topic is selected, make a new one associated with the selected one. Equivalent to dragging the green dot from the selected topic to the field or sky.
Ctrl+O Limit hits appearing in the Hit List to Occurrences only -- show them in alphabetical order.
Alt+O Show the Options panel (customization options).
Alt+U Cycle through various field textures to choose your preference.
Ctrl+S Pop up text area for Local Search if in the Map or 'Scape, or Topic Center Search if in the Topic Center.
Ctrl+T Limit hits appearing in the Hit List to Topics only -- show them in alphabetical order.

For information on more shortcuts, please see Appendix B: Summary of easy steps and shortcuts or press the lightning-flash button on the toolbar.

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