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This area in the tool bar is a parking place for occurrences that you may want to move to other topics, and topics that you may want to associate with others. A Topicscape can be vast, and forming associations between separate parts of the Map or Landscape can be very valuable in You can drag topics or occurrences to it and away from it.

When it has topics or occurrences in it, it will drop down if you click on that part of the toolbar.

To move an occurrence or group of them to the Pending Tray, just select and drag. There will not be any immediate effect -- if you close Topicscape at that point, the occurrences will snap back to their original places. But if you drag an occurrence out of the Pending Tray to another topic it will be moved there, and disappear from its original location.

To move a topic to the Pending Tray, just select it and drag the green dot (see Glossary) to the Tray. You can then search for or navigate to another topic, select that and drag its green dot to the one on the Pending Tray. A new association will be formed. The topic will remain in the Pending Tray until you right click on it and elect to remove it or until you close Topicscape.

This is useful for making associations between topics that are at present nowhere near one another and may therefore be impossible to have in the same Map or 'Scape. (Another way to achieve that is to get one into the History or Hit List.)

As well as dragging, you can send a topic to the Pending Tray by right-clicking it and selecting the appropriate action from the pop-up menu. To remove an item from the Tray, right-click an item (or select several) and choose "Remove item from Pending Tray".

You can drag occurrences from the Pending Tray to the Out Tray (see below) but not topics.

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