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Product literature

Here's where we answer the question: "What is 3D Topicscape?"

Downloadable trial software

Topicscape is Shareware. You can download it here for a 30-day trial, the same as we offer to all. As an established reviewer, we will send you a complimentary registration key, so that you can continue to use 3D Topicscape after the 30 day trial - it's a courtesy that we extend to the press.

About the trial versions

These are fully-functional copies that are restricted only in time of operation: they are limited to a 30-day trial period. It is fully uninstallable. There is absolutely NO ADWARE and NO SPYWARE in any edition of 3D Topicscape.

Obtaining a license key

As a courtesy to bona fide reviewers and the media, we are happy to offer a license file so that you can use it past the 30-day limit. Please send a request for a license to and explain that you're in the process of reviewing 3D Topicscape and mentioning the publication for which you are reviewing.

Q&A - Answers to common press questions

Q: What does 3D Topicscape do?

A: 3D Topicscape is an information organizer that works in 2D or 3D to give more space and make things easier and faster to find.

Q: How much does 3D Topicscape cost?

A: There are three versions:

The most popular is the Pro edition currently on sale at a discounted US$49.99.

For users with control of the ToDo lists being the main need, with some information organizing on the side, 3D Topicscape Lite is a common choice at US$29.99.

Finally, there's the 3D Topicscape Student Edition. That's limited to saving web and simple text files, and with its attractive colorful skin is great for homework. We know from all the feedback how that helps kids with their studies and we are happy to help students on tight budgets by making this available free.

Q: How long have you been selling 3D Topicscape?

A: 3D Topicscape was first made available for public beta in early 2006 and went live in May 2006. In early 2007, a simplified version for ToDo lists (Lite) and the much enhanced version (Pro) were introduced. Since then, it has gone through multiple revisions and is now at version 2.7.

Q: What is the limit on how much a single Topicscape can store?

A: Effectively none. We have Topicscapes in regular use with thousands of topics and many more thousands of files and notes organized inside them.

When you save a new item in a Topicscape, however big, the saving is almost instantaneous - it's not like an enormous document where the whole file has to be saved. The required portion of Topicscape's relational database is updated each time new information is introduced to it, so there is no need to select File > Save, or to press Ctrl+S.

Q: Is a manual included?

A: There is an online User Guide in the extensive Topicscape Wiki and a built-in summary Help inside Topicscape itself. The Topicscape Wiki also covers FAQs. We also provide a Quickstart document and, most importantly, a demonstration that builds a Topicscape as the user watches, explaining step by step.

Q: Can 3D Topicscape run on Apple Mac and Linux computers?

A: Topicscape cannot be run on Mac OS X or Linux. We have heard from purchasers that it can run on Macs under Boot Camp.

Q: What versions of Windows does 3D Topicscape run on?

A: It runs on versions of Windows from 7 up to 10. In Windows 8 to 10, dragging and dropping files into Topicscape has to be substituted by copy and paste.

Q: Is 3D Topicscape available in stores?

A: No. We sell entirely on-line from our Buy Now page.

Q: Does 3D Topicscape connect to or include any Adware or Spyware?

A: No. 3D Topicscape Pro and Lite are shareware. You can try before you buy for a 30-day evaluation. These are not supported with advertising.

3D Topicscape Student Edition is freeware and similarly, has no ads.

All versions have the ability to check for updates the first time you run Topicscape on any given day, but users are asked to make their own decision about whether to use this function. It does not tell us who is checking for updates.

Q: What are mind mapping and concept mapping?

A: Please visit our Q&A area devoted to questions about information mapping and have a look at some mind mapping articles that we have put on line for our users.

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The Topicscape back story

Here is a link to A personal journey in information management

Screen Shots, Graphics

There are many screenshots throughout this site, including in our screenshots section, but here are a few representative ones (click through for larger versions):

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