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Scope of this policy

Roy Grubb is the owner of the web sites at,,,, and If you click on a link to another domain on any of our web pages (i.e. a link to any URL or web address that does not begin with one of the above addresses) you should look for that web site's privacy policy before supplying any personal data. This privacy policy does not apply to any such linked web site, being outside our control.

Collection of personal data

This website,, does not collect your personal data. It does set small text files on your computer called 'cookies' to ensure the proper display of the web pages. These cookies also do not contain any personal data of visitors to If you make further use of the site, it is assumed that you agree to this.

If you send us an email enquiry to info@ any of the above domains, it will be used only to contact you in relation to the enquiry and only then if we feel a reply is needed.

We track IP addresses for load-balancing on our servers but we do not track them in a way that might eventually be linked to an individual.

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