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Occurrences - making new ones

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What is a "promoted" occurrence?

If you have some documents or web pages that you regularly refer to, you can make them visible in the Map or 'Scape and open them straight from there.

A promoted occurrence is one that allows you to start a program or open a document directly from the 'Scape. It shows the icon for the program or document above the topic cone in which the occurrence is kept. Only one occurrence per topic may be promoted.

To open the occurrence from the 'Scape, click the icon once in the 3D scene.

How can I promote an item, so it shows up on top of the cone?


Go into the Topic Center. Click the item to be promoted. Then on the left, just under the navigation map, you'll see two radio buttons. Click the first one, and the item will be promoted. Go back to the 'Scape and you will see it appearing from the top of the cone.

I followed the steps to promote an occurrence but nothing happened

In the Appearences tab of the Options panel (Tools menu) make sure that "Show promoted occurrences" is checked.

Naturally a 'fileless occurrence' should not be promoted in this way, nor should an occurrence that has no application associated with it on your PC. Occurrences with no associated application show the default Microsoft 'unknown file' icon and will not open anything if clicked.

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