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What is concept mapping?

Concept mapping is a way of capturing understanding of a topic on paper in a way that helps with visualization of knowledge.
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Who uses concept maps?

Concept maps are used in US schools and by the Knowledge Management community.
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What is mind mapping?

Mind mapping is a graphical way of dividing a topic into component parts, generating and organizing solutions to a problem, or provoking ideas and capturing the results of a discussion.
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Who uses mind maps?

Mind maps are used by teams in companies, by individuals who think visually and by students
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What is the Mindmaps Directory for?

We feel there is no better way to understand information maps of most types than to browse examples produced by many people around the world.
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What is 3D Topicscape?

3D Topicscape is personal software designed to help you manage information.
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How do I learn the 3D operation of Topicscape?

Topicscape has built-in, active demonstrations to guide you by the hand, and sample Topicscapes for you to explore.
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Can you explain the 3D structure that Topicscape uses?

As with a 2D mindmap or concept map there are nodes and connections between nodes. But instead of lines showing those connections, their locations show their relationship. These are 2D and 3D equivalents
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How does 3D compare with 2D mind mapping or concept mapping?

The underlying idea in 3D Topicscape is similar to these two techniques, but the presentation is very different.
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