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This special zoom allows you to zoom instantly to the area around any topic.

Hold down the Shift key, then left-click on a topic and keep the mouse button down in the Map or 'Scape. Your view will zoom to a convenient close-up viewing position for that topic and its surroundings.

If you release the mouse button before the Shift key, you will be back at the viewpoint before the zoom. This allows you to click all over the Map or 'Scape and have a magnified view of any part of interest quickly.

When you find your target, or a portion that you want to examine in more detail, you can stay at the zoomed position by releasing the mouse button after you release the Shift key.

Instead of Shift, you can press CapsLock once instead, and Quickzoom to different places without having to hold any keys down. Then you can fly while zoomed. Keep the mouse button down and move it around to fly in the area you've zoomed to, release it and you'll be back at the distant view position again, wherever you were when you started.

Press CapsLock again to release this. Press CapsLock before releasing the mouse button and your viewing location will stay where it is (that is, zoomed). Release the mouse button before pressing CapsLock and your viewing location will return to its original position.

The method just described also works with the 3D Lists. To see the items at the back of the Hit List or History list, hold the Shift key and click on an item near the back of the list, and your viewing position will zoom forward.

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