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In the screenshots below there's a small sample of the more than 20 skins that Topicscape Pro offers. You can use skins to differentiate Topicscapes from one another, or you can set a standard skin that you feel comfortable with and use it throughout.

You can also take any of the provided skins and modify them with variations of color scheme, variations of cone and pyramid shape, transparency, field texture and color, and lettering.


This is a Getting-things-done (GTD) Topicscape, showing promoted occurrences - the icons on top of the topic cones. A topic can hold many occurrences (files, notes, web pages), and one of them can be chosen to appear on the tip of the topic's cone if you wish. A single click on that icon opens the file for you. Promoted occurences can even be specific topics in another Topicscape, so you can easily navigate a web of Topicscapes. The Dashboard example next illustrates that.


This dashboard Topicscape provides immediate access to main reference sources used daily. The promoted occurrences on top of cones in the case can open other Topicscapes, Excel files, text documents, folders and zip files. But any type of file can be opened this way, provided the software needed to process the file is installed on your PC.


Inside each topic there is a Topic Center that shows all the details of the occurrences in that topic, and the topic's direct relationships with other topics (its parents, its children and any topics with which it is loosely associated). The above image with added captions shows a Topic Center.


Above and below are images of the same Topicscape. Above shows its appearance in the 2D view. Below is the 3D view. The main topic (it's called the Current Topic) is 'In-scope countries: variations' in both cases, but you can ask Topicscape to make any topic the current one, just by clicking on it, and the 2D Map or the 3D Landscape will be re-drawn around it.

In the image below, the user has flown away from the Home position. The ability to zoom instantly in on any part of the landscape is another way of exploring quickly to look for relationships that you had not previously noticed, areas that need further development, or just to find something quickly.


This is a Topicscape prepared to analyze, comprehend and later make good use of Jack Martin Leith's Idea Generation Methods. This is an outstanding part of his website setting out many approaches and techniques that can trigger innovation. A key point of this is that methods are categorized, and many methods appear under two or more categories. Topicscape's support for multi-parent links (join anything to anything, many-to-many) is ideal for organizing information of that type.

The image above is of the Topicscape at a part-way stage, where some items are flagged for early study (they appear green in this example), and building new associations has begun with six of the topics. Eventually, all methods will appear under each of their relevant methods.

This also shows an example of the contents list of a topic ('Open source TRIZ') and a soon-to-be-released capability to preview files from the contents list. As shown above, previews are already available from inside the Topic Center. Each topic here contains a link to the original page and an MHT web archive of the page, or in some cases a pdf file, where available.


WikIT is the mind mapping wiki. It covers not just mind maps, but concept maps, and any type of information map. This Topicscape was used for its initial planning, setting out content, structure and cross links. Now it acts as a repository for notes and sources for WikIT as it develops. The lettering is black on white here - in most other examples it's the reverse. As well as controlling that, the user can vary transparency to meet their own preferences.


Topicscape allows you to move smoothly from one project management activity to another, and have all the information you need in front of you.

Focus on a different portion of your information landscape according to the task in hand. Refer to background research material collected in prepartion for the project, review the current project plan, or update the roll-out documents, all from one visual, organized dashboard. Topicscape is able to handle the organizing of information for very large projects - projects that would swamp a 2D mind map ... and its user.

Topicscape Pro provides an alternative interface in 2D, with rapid switching between 2D and 3D.


A topic's contents can be viewed from inside it's Topic Center and, when viewing the landscape, can be seen by hovering over topics in the landscape or in the search results list or the history list.

What's more, hovering over any item in the contents list shows previews (where Windows supports previews for the type of file concerned). Previews can be shown at the user's choice in one of three sizes, and changed at any time.


A jewelry designer organized all her reference designs in Topicscape and was quickly able to see images as she searched by concept, source and style among jewelry magazine scans, exhibition catalogues, her own past ideas and non-jewelry design source material for inspiration.

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