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This is a large and important subject area for Topicscape, and would make a very long page, so it has been broken into sub-topics with the main headings here as links.

There are five searching modes in Topicscape -- you can choose a mode to suit your needs:

  1. Advanced searches - Search across an entire Topicscape and the ways of limiting the search to specific types of item.
  2. Local search - Search in the local area that's visible now.
  3. Topic Center search - Search in the current Topic Center.
  4. Concept search - Searching by navigating down the hierarchy that you set up.
  5. Tag filter search - Using tags to narrow searches down.

A Group search is one confined to a topic, its children, grandchildren, etc., in other words all its descendents.

Searching with Latin alphabet characters with diacritics and ligatures (accents, umlauts, etc.) is possible

The Hit list is where search results are shown. It can be viewed in 3D and flown along, or in 2D and scrolled down.

Orphan topics are normally excluded from search results, but can be included.

Noisewords (sometimes called stop words) are similarly excluded from search results, but can be included.

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