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Sorting the topics in the 'Scape does not do what I expected

I selected 'Sort by name'. Later, I changed the name of a topic in the 'Scape, but the cone remains where it is even though it is now out of order alphabetically.

You need to refresh the display to see an updated 'Scape. Please press the function key [F5] or the refresh button on the toolbar.

I changed a topic's name from Africa to Zanzibar. Nothing happened

"The 'Scape was set to show topics in alphabetical order at the time but after this change why didn't the renamed topic move down to the bottom right hand corner of the Scape"

Sort-order changes are resolved on the next refresh only. The new sequence will be seen if you press the refresh button in the toolbar, press the F5 key, or double-right-click the Current Topic.

Alternatively you may have started arranging the topics manually - once one topic has been moved, sorts are cancelled to avoid undoing your work.

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