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Will the use of folder encryption slow Topicscape down?

Yes. By how much it slows the operation down depends on the specification of your computer and what you encrypt.

The best way to minimize the effect of encryption on speed of operation is to limit the encryption to specific occurrence files that contain sensitive data, rather than encrypting a whole Topicscape and everything it contains.

You could make a new folder in My Documents, set it to be private and encrypted and move all the files to be protected to it before dragging them into 3D Topicscape. Then choose 'Link' when Topicscape presents the Move/Copy/Link choice. If you encrypt the whole of a Topicscape's folder, all work on that Topicscape will be slowed down. Please keep in mind that 3D Topicscape saves data to your Topicscape databases (.3DT files) whenever you complete an operation that changes the data in that Topicscape. This is similar to MS Access and in contrast to work on documents that you must save yourself from time to time. 3D Topicscape will be encrypting and decrypting frequently therefore; strong encryption/decryption is a processor-intensive operation.

Will the use of a file indexing products slow Topicscape down?

Yes, Topicscape and many other processes will be affected by the background activities of Windows Search, Google Desktop Search and other such software. As you move files around, the indexing process will come into action to keep your indexes up to date.

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