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Why are some of the entries in the history list black?

If you perform an action on a topic (like make it into the Current Topic, or enter its Topic Centre), it will appear in the History list. If you then delete that topic, the History list entry will remain but be displayed with black lettering. This indicates that you can no longer do anything to that Topic.

The same thing applies to the Hit List (the list of search results).

Why are some of the entries in the history list gray?

This will only happen to occurrences. If you check the 'Finished with' checkbox in the Details Panel when an occurrence is selected, it will go to the foot of the file list in the Topic Center and its entry will change to gray lettering. If it appears in the History list or the Hit List, its letering will be gray as well.

Why are some of the entries in the history list green?

If you make multiple new topics in one operation, you will see all the topic names in one history item, instead of many history items, one per topic. The lettering will be in green to show that this is different to a single-topic history item.

You make multiple topics at one time by keying two or more topic names in the Create New Topic panel. You need to separate the topic names with the | character like this:

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