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USB removable drives

Files and Topicscapes stored on thumb-drives / USB flash drives / RAM sticks / USB memory cards / USB external hard drives are supported.

As mentioned in the previous section, Moving "My Topicscapes", when you start Topicscape for the first time, it asks you where the main folder for your Topicscapes is to be. By default (in Windows Vista, 7 or 8) it will be C:\Users\<YourLogOn>\My Topicscapes but you can at that time define any drive local to your PC (i.e. not on a network).

You can define the default location for My Topicscapes as a USB or other removable drive, but if you start Topicscape with that drive not in place, Topicscape will not have access to important files, and will not work.

The main problem with using portable drives is likely to be finding that files are missing when you move from PC to PC. This would happen when you chose the Link option instead of Move or Copy and you move the USB to another computer. So if you're locating My Topicscapes on a USB it would always be best to choose the Copy or Move files option when dragging occurrences in.

Also, if you have a secondary drive installed, customization changes might show up differently compared with if it were not, because some customization details are kept in My Topicscapes.


In these cases, backups become especially important. Losing a USB-stick is all too easy.

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