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  • Topic Center search
    What it does for you: Helps you find something inside a topic. Searches just the items in the present Topic Center;
    Searches for:
    A phrase or string that you provide (no keywords, no wildcards);
    Where it looks:
    In the names of all topics and occurrences appearing anywhere in the Topic Center (and in the names of files linked to these occurrences).
    How to start it:
    While viewing the Topic Center, click the Local Search button in the toolbar or press Ctrl+S.

This type of search helps you to locate an occurrence or loosely associated topic (see Tunneling through to more ideas) when in a Topic Center.


Much as with a Local search, click on the Topic Center search button.... the toolbar, or press Ctrl+S, and the Topic Center search text box will drop down from the toolbar:-


'Hits' will be indicated with yellow dots in the occurrence list or loosely-associated topics list.

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