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Topics or groups of topics that cannot easily be reached by flying or changing the current topic are referred to as 'islands'. Ideally all topics should be connected in some way in a continuous web but islands can result when you remove an association (such as the red line in the diagram on the right), or delete one or more topics that had previously linked two part of the web. The only way you would be able to reach such topics would be by searching for them by keywords or phrase.


To overcome this, as soon as an island forms as a result of a deletion of any kind, Topicscape will automatically link it to a fixed topic called "Topicscape Islands". When there are no isolated topics or groups, the Topicscape Islands' post will not be shown. We recommend that you check the Topicscape Islands from time to time and link topics there to a meaningful part of the main group of topics. You can go there easily in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl+i.
  • Right-click on the post or name panel of Topicscape Islands on the left side of the Map or 'Scape (near Topicscape Orphans) and select "Make Topicscape Islands current".
  • Click on the same post or name panel.

When you make Topicscape Islands Current, the previous Current Topic replaces the post as a topic (it is referred to as the 'return topic') and this is one way back. Another is to press Ctrl+Home. You can move island topics and groups back to the main group of topics as follows:

  • Drag the green dot from the topic or top topic of the group to the Pending Tray.
  • find where you want to topic to go, using search or navigation.
  • drag the topic from the Pending tray to the desired topic
  • select the appropriate relationship.

Linking any topic in such a group to the main group of topics causes it to be unlinked automatically from Topicscape Islands.

If you just join two topic groups under Topicscape Islands, they become one island.

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