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Jeremy Wagstaff in the Wall Street Journal:

[mind maps] start getting cumbersome just at the point you need them most: when you want to step back and survey the data you've gathered, to get a bird's-eye view of what you've got. Which leads me to 3D Topicscape, a Windows-only program that does exactly that.

. . . the software was remarkably stable and relatively intuitive . . .it's definitely a liberating experience to be able to fly around your computer . . .

Jogesh Dosh:

I am having a very positive experience with the software. It is really connecting the dots of my work and personal life, in a far more powerful way than I have ever experienced before.

Enrique D.:

Just a quick note to thank you for the great interest you took, and the work you did, while testing this version. Great costumer support!

Amal Winter, Ph.D.:

Thanks again for your support of your wonderful much easier to use than Brain. In the past, I tried both Freemind and ConceptDraw. Then I stumbled upon Topicscape.

Jan - Yahoo group message (and following entries)

Let me tell you, if you have the hardware--a fairly new and decent Graphics card with 3D & Open GL support, 500 Mb - 2Gb RAM, a fast processor and the likes--you should try this.

As an experienced computer user, there is only a handful of programs I would buy so far, without hesitation. One is--of course, Liquid Story Binder--another one is Topicscape Pro. This 3D application, in my experience, blows any other mind-mapper/organizer right out of the water--both visually and functionally.

Niels Meyer:

I really enjoy both TopicCrunch and TopicScape - best buy of 2008! Keep up the good work and greetings from Belgium

Bruce Halvax, The Strategic Planning Group

TS [Topicscape] is an amazing product, the only product that got me this excited was the old Lotus Agenda product. TS has a far broader potential and I don't say this lightly, I have looked at over 50 different products.

Leonardo Mangiagalli:

Purchased the Pro version today. Best layout and ease of use so far of all the programs I have used.

Dana Forsberg:

I wonder if you get tired of hearing people gushing over Topicscape? Must get repetitive. IT'S AWESOME!

I am also very encouraged by the timeliness of signing me up for the Beta Testing program, and, above all, your lengthy and thoughtful email reply.

I am ready to buy Topicscape right now. In fact, two copies (one for my nephew as well).

The point is, I'm SOLD!

Philippe Lemieux:

I am a vice-principal in a high school in Quebec and I'm using Topicscape to manage my information. Great product!

Charles Rowe:

Your enthusiasm and genuine concern for your product really shines through. I would really like to see you succeed with this product.

Joseph Mazzarella - Caltech:

You have an excellent and unique app! . . . I periodically search the Web for new developments in this area, and think today I have found what I'm looking for in your product . . .

Ian Goldsmid - VP, Consulting Principal - In Silico Discovery:

this is the most exciting personal information management software I've seen for years! I am truly impressed at the rock solid feel (reliability, recoverability etc) of Topicscape. Your software engineering and testing must be a really top notch!

Jerry Ruggiero - Technology Management Group:

Thanks for making such a great, innovative tool.

Cristi Caciuloiu:

I absolutely love the 3D concept. This is what made me look for a concept mapping tool on the web and found Topicscape. This product must really smash the competition.

Jason Clark:

As a business consultant this has become a priceless tool in bringing business plans to life ...

Bryce Battisti:

This program is amazing! My wife has never seen me cry, but I was almost moved to tears of joy as I opened the program up and began to discover all it can do. It seems to be exactly what I wanted - a 3D concept map linked to a database.

Hezy Asher:

I ... bought Topicscape Lite from you. I use it on my laptop and I am extremely happy with this product. So happy, in fact, that I decided to buy the Pro version for my desktop computer ...


Thank you for your such a great product & all your hard work! : - )


From a strictly mind mapping perspective one of the things that is very cool about Topicscape is that it allows you to refocus your perspective on the entire landscape by changing any given topic into the 'central' topic of focus.

Navigating the map itself has the look and feel of flying through a video game interface similar to something like Entropia or SecondLife (without all the crazy looking avatars).

The program also runs on a database essentially, which gives it more horsepower and potential than most mind mapping programs... In many ways ... is a seriously powerful mind mapping tool for people with seriously complex sets of information or knowledge to classify, map and categorize.

Paul Trueman:

The program is a fantastic piece of work. I think it's the finest piece of software I have ever seen of any kind. I have used about 250 different applications of all kinds and this is the best one.

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