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Occurrences are usually files but they can also be fileless notes. They appear in several forms. In this case, as entries in the file list in the Topic Center, in the Hit or History Lists, and as a Pending Tray item. Occurrences in all these cases can be treated in the same way -- deleted, or double left clicked to open.

You can see a list of contents of a topic, just by hovering your cursor over its peeled back corner (2D, see right) or red flash (3D see below). If you are still using the Halo menu, you'll find that hovering over the top icon does the same thing.

Then you can see a list of occurrence names from the topics in the landscape or Map, the search results list, the history list, and the tag pool. From the contents list that shows, you can open occurrences or see previews where they are available. You may still go into the Topic Center for lists of details like dates or file sizes, but when all you need is just to see what's there, and then open a file, which is often, this saves a lot of time.

Seeing occurrences in the contents list


The Halo menu is aimed at new users and many users soon switch it off and use shortcuts. But the red flash is useful for entering the Topic Center and examining contents of topics, so it is available even without the Halo menu.

When you turn off the Halo menu and hover over a topic in the Map, the 'Scape or on the Lists, you'll see a turned down corner (2D) or large red 'flash' (3D). Hover over the corner or red flash and the contents list will pop up (image marked "3D" above). This allows you see the contents of a topic without entering its topic center, open any of its occurrences by clicking an item in the list, or see any preview it may have by hovering over the item. Not all files can show previews, see below.

Something else happens as you hover over entries in the contents list: The Details Panel shows information about each occurrence.

All this means that you can easily and quickly examine the contents of the topic in detail, and often see previews as well.

Another place to see the contents list

When a topic with occurrences is selected, at the top of the Details Panel you'll see a caption something like "Occurrences : 2" and a View button. Press View and a contents list appears next to the View button. This works like the one described above. You will not see this if the Details Panel is minimized.

If you click or double-click on an occurrence and it does not open, check if it is a fileless occurrence. If so, it will not open a separate application: The contents of the Details Panel are the occurrence.

For much more on occurences, see Occurrences - making new ones and Occurrences (FAQs)

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