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Topicscape shows you more of what's in your computer at a single glance than any other method. It shows you how the information is related. And all in a 2D Map or 3D Landscape that you can swing or fly through, while recognizing familiar places for quick access to information that you need, when you need it.

We refer to the 3D environment as the 'Scape - short for landscape - and call the 2D environment the Map.

The 2D Map sits on a vertical wall that you can fly along or up and down. Try your image of choice behind it to liven up your maps.

The 3D 'Scape can adopt many styles as you choose different skins, textures and color schemes.

The ability to zoom quickly in and out with just a mouse click improves enormously over 2D maps that use scrolling searches.

Instant "Find" means that word searches need not wait for special start-up commands. Just type your search string and you'll be searching.

Benefits of organizing your information this way

  1. With Topicscape, you can see much, much more of the information in your computer than Windows Explorer or any other information management software allows.
  2. One item can occur in several places without making multiple copies or shortcuts. You've probably experienced copies getting out of step with one another and shortcuts ending up out of date when a file or folder is moved. Topicscape overcomes this.
  3. You can drag in a web address and it will retrieve and save the entire web page (as an archive, MHT file) without further steps on your part. It saves the original web address too -- an MHT file doesn't store that. 3D Topicscape (and its helper, Topicscape Box) can do this with a simple drag, instead of the clicks o keystrokes needed with Internet Explorer. There is an option just to save the Internet shortcut if you don't want the whole page, of course.
  4. You can drag a piece of a document - a range of cells in a spreadsheet, or a portion of a Word document) and Topicscape will store that for you, together with the location of the source document.
  5. You can add comments, notes about the author and source to any file, making it into an occurrence in Topicscape.
  6. You can give an occurrence a fully meaningful name (and change that at any time) without affecting the original filename.

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