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More medical mind maps on WikIT

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It’s been a few months since WikIT published an extensive series of information maps prepared by medical practitioners and students studying medicine.

Recently, some excellent charts started appearing in WikIT’s uploaded files. Then a small entry was added to Medical profession’s use of mind mapping. I had to do a little detective work to get in touch with the uploader, and check that she held the copyright, but once she assured me she did, I was able to add this excellent and detailed new resource as a separate article Medical mind map sources – Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy. These go well beyond mind maps, into the field of information landscapes.

They are the work of Maha Atef, a Clinical Pharmacist and a Healthcare Quality Specialist based in Cairo, Egypt, who has her own site devoted to the topic.


Updated 11/8/2010: With apologies to Maha who is a woman not a man, the gender of the pronouns above has been corrected.

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