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The sometimes-makes-me-stupid filter bubble

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I tweet and blog a lot about mind mapping. I search often on mind mapping topics.  Google has noticed.  The word has got around, and many other sites are in on the game.

But I have some dozens of mapping programs of one sort or another, some I use regularly and many I’ve installed, tried and dropped, but kept the installer.

So what happens now?  I see endless ads for two mind mapping packages.  Everywhere.  I mean everywhere. Both are boring ads – the one with an expansive orange background and dull stereotyped map is especially so – and it’s not even a mind mapper really.

We’ve heard about the filter bubble the surrounds us in search, but not so much about the ads bubble.

Ads are OK generally, just so long as they’re interesting and don’t keep moving and flickering, or flood me with sound as I open the page.  I’d rather not have to pay for web services and if this is the price, so be it.

But what I’d like is a “don’t show me this again” service for ads.  You know?  Those panels that pop up when you first start using a piece of software.  “Are you sure you want to delete this” – that sort of thing.  Ads could have a little checkbox to say “OK, noted, now drop that message in future”.

That’s what I’d like for ads.

I’m dreaming, I know … so how about “don’t show me this again for 7 days”?  Then, who knows, I might even see an ad that interests me.


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