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Duplicate file handling with Topicscape

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If you routinely organize project files in Topicscape and have trouble with duplicate files or multiple versions, you’ll love this Topicscape trick. You can drop one or more files on the “Duplicate check” panel:
The files won’t be imported to Topicscape at that stage.  Instead you’ll see a summary report telling you if files with the same names are already in that Topicscape.  And you can press a “Show report” button to see the detail and decide what will be done, file by file.

For each file, the report shows the size in bytes, colors the size or date in red if they are different (in other words are potentially different versions), points out if the duplicate in that Topicscape is actually a missing occurrence file, and shows which topic it is in.  Then it allows you to control what to do next, one by one (replace, delete the external one or bring it in anyway).

This is really useful if you are tidying up multiple copies of different versions of documents that should already be in a Topicscape.


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