Topicscape is an amazing
visual information organizer

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Organize your information and ideas in a 3D landscape!

Recover the cost in days as you organize your files, manage information, plan
projects and do efficient web research, visually in 3D or 2D, with Topicscape.

Fly around your 3D mindmaps

Use the same controls as Google Earth to explore the space of your information maps with mouse and keyboard. Any topic can link to any other, so you are not limited to a rigid hierarchy. Multiple parents are allowed.

Quickzoom facilitates exploring

Instantly zoom in on any topic (the cones and pyramids). Or select a different topic to be the central one, and see the landscape re-organize itself instantly.

Search titles, and content

The powerful search can show results in a flat panel that swings out of the way when you don't need it, or in a 3D list stretching away toward the horizon that you can fly along. Alternatively, filter by tags.

Store any kind of file in your Topicscapes.

Files are linked to topics and you click a marker on a topic to enter the cone and examine or open files you've previously placed there. Add comments, tags and other information to file entries.

How it works — Simple and satisfying

Topicscape slides up

Import a folder with multiple sub-folders and see Topicscape build the equivalent structure in a 3D landscape in front of your eyes


Reorganize in ways that Windows cannot match — for example one topic can appear under many topics without making duplicates.


Add individual files, folders, web pages, stand-alone comments as and when you need to.


Search by just typing (no Ctrl+F), fly, zoom in, explore. Soon, recognize the landscape and go to what you're looking for immediately.

Mini Demonstrations — import and export

Freedom! — Into Topicscape and back

Topicscape has a lot of import and export posibilities:

Our customers just love Topicscape

TS [Topicscape] is an amazing product, the only product that got me this excited was the old Lotus Agenda product. TS has a far broader potential and I don't say this lightly, I have looked at over 50 different products. Bruce Halvax, The Strategic Planning Group
This is the most exciting personal information management software I've seen for years! I am truly impressed at the rock solid feel (reliability, recoverability etc) of Topicscape. Your software engineering & testing must be really top notch! Ian Goldsmid - VP - In Silico Discovery
The program is a fantastic piece of work. I think it's the finest piece of software I have ever seen of any kind. I have used about 250 different applications of all kinds and this is the best one. Paul Trueman
[Mind maps] start getting cumbersome just at the point you need them most: when you want to step back and survey the data you've gathered, to get a bird's-eye view of what you've got. Which leads me to 3D Topicscape, a Windows-only program that does exactly that. . . . the software was remarkably stable and relatively intuitive . . .it's definitely a liberating experience to be able to fly around your computer . . . Jeremy Wagstaff in    Wall Street Journal Topicscape Review
Also in BBC's Business Today BBC World Service review of Topicscape
by Laura Blackwell in PCWorld review of Topicscape
and in Washington Post review of Topicscape March 2010
... and many more >>

Get organized now!

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Topicscape Pro 2

FREE lifetime license

  • Choice of 3D or 2D
  • Halo or conventional menu
  • Swinging panels
  • Beginner & expert modes
  • 21 Skins
  • Tags, Flags & Favorites
  • File preview panels
  • FreeMind import, export

Topicscape Lite

FREE lifetime license

  • 3D Landscape
  • Conventional menu
  • Simple mode
  • 1 Skin
  • Folders in, text file out


FREE lifetime license

  • 'Graze' on web pages and
  • by highlighting, then
  • Topicgrazer builds a
             background document
  • that includes just text /
             images chosen
  • records web site addresses


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